Wednesday, January 14, 2015

PULP COMICS #2 - "Mystery, Science, and Theatre" - Episode 2: Murder at the Kabuki Theatre (Page 1)


Page 1, Panel 1
Bill and Audrey are standing on stage at a kabuki theatre surrounded by about two dozen heavily armed ninjas. SO MANY NINJAS! There’s a lot going on in this scene and everything is very colorful. It’s traditional kabuki where men play both the male and female roles so Bill is dressed as a woman in full kabuki costuming and make-up, he is also wielding an enormous katana. Audrey is dressed to the nines in a very form fitting slinky dress with a phoenix design, her tattoo sleeve of colorful orchids on her left arm is visible, she’s wearing her thick black framed glasses, and she’s holding an uzi. They are standing back to back getting ready to take on the ninja horde surrounding them.


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